World First Super Bike with Android Yet to be Released 

LeEco has announced a handful of new products today to show that it’s serious about competing in the U.S. market. If you aren’t interested in its TVs or smartphones, perhaps you might like to buy a bike.Today announced that it claims to be the “world’s first super bike” which happens to feature an Android touchscreen. It also has a handful of other features which you may not find in your average bike but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.World First Super Bike with Android Yet to be Released .

World First Super Bike with Android Yet to be Released 

LeEco, the Chinese technological giant, said that its Android-enabled “super bike” will soon be available in the US. The bike has a 30-speed shift, on-board lighting, a fingerprint-scanner, built-in alarm and location tracker, and other nifty bells and whistles your average Schwinn bicycle probably lacks.

A 4-inch display touchscreen is nestled in between the handlebars, which is enabled with Google’s Android software. It’s part of LeEco’s suite of televisions, smartphones, and self-driving cars released in San Francisco today.

 The 30-speed electric bike has an Android-based touchscreen device nestled between the handlebars, which features a custom ‘Bike OS’ interface.

Some of the other features in LeEco’s Android-powered smart bike include a

  • fingerprint scanner,
  • onboard lighting,
  • 30 speed shift,
  • a built-in alarm, and
  • location tracker among other features.

There’s a 4 inch touchscreen display between the handlebars that’s powered by Android.


World First Super Bike with Android Yet to be Released 

The touchscreen enables users to access features like ride and trip tracking, bike-to-bike voice communication, GPS voice navigation, music player, and bike security tracker. It’s essentially a small Android tablet that offers a select few features aimed at elevating the bike riding experience.

There’s no news yet on when it will go on sale in the United States, or how much it’ll retail for. It’s already available in China, starting at around £650.