Why Twitter Lays Its Office From Banglore

Why Twitter Lays Its Office From Banglore

Twitter is stopping global engineering work at its Bengaluru developer centre, one of its three offices in India. The move will impact less than 20 jobs.Why Twitter Lays Its Office From Banglore.

Finally, the message is clear on the wall. India needs more talent instead of churning out engineering robots to work on any one process and shift to another.

What matters for setting up any office in Bangalore is what’s new in your brain and how you can create more patent-winning software products.

Why Twitter Lays Its Office From Banglore

In India twitter operating offices in three locations

  1. Delhi
  2. Mumbai
  3. Bangalore

Now the Banglore office is closed,While this looks like a major step backwards for the San Francisco-headquartered company, Twitter noted that it still remains committed to India as a strategic market for users, partners, and advertisers.

Twitter said, “Today, India is one of our fastest growing markets worldwide and we continue to invest in key initiatives to further expand our audience, increase user engagement, and drive revenue in this important market.”

Twitter also missed revenue estimates for the quarter ended June. As advertisement money is dwindling with no corresponding growth in revenue for the eighth straight year, the company has opted out of Bangalore for now.


Twitter its tweet: “Engineering is a key part of our global company and we continue to focus our programs and efforts on improving the core product experience for our users worldwide… As part of our normal business review, we have decided to stop the global engineering work at the Bangalore development centre.”

Why Twitter Lays Its Office From Banglore

Why Twitter Lays Its Office From Banglore

Mainly Taxation in India has doubled in the last three years in both direct and indirect taxes, including food and medicines. With high inflation hitting the most-needed sectors, India may lose out the race compared to emerging China centres and tax-free Dubai and other places.

Finally, Twitter acquired ZipDial, a Bangalore-based startup which offers the offline messaging solution, last year. Its most popular service allows a user to call a number, hang up before incurring any charges, and then get information about the place they called via text message.

ZipDial had roughly 50 employees before Twitter acquired it.

Twitter Few Development in India

  1. Partnership with UP government
  2. User engagement through emojis
  3. Promoted stickers

Since Indian IT sector growing in a high swing is the reason of taxation and their salaries are too hiking is the reason for many Global companies re backward and setting up their companies to other countries where taxation is less.

Surely In few years Indians will find hard to get jobs.