What can one dollar buy around the world

What Can One Dollar Buy Around the World

Want to know what can one dollar buy around the world, just check our site and know the value of one dollar $.This article covers many countries with the value of one dollar purchase and providing country information like capital, dialing code, the currency used, president and official languages included.

♥  Egypt

Capital: Cairo
Dialing code: +20
Currency: Egyptian pound
President: Abdel Fattah el-Sisi
Official languages: Arabic, Modern Standard Arabic.

One Dollar Buy: Koshary Plate – A dish made out of spaghetti, rice, lentils and fried onions.


♥  India

Capital: New Delhi
Founded: August 15, 1947
President: Pranab Mukherjee
Prime minister: Narendra Modi
Population: 1.252 billion (2013) World Bank
Gross domestic product: 1.877 trillion USD (2013) World Bank

One Dollar Buy: Unlimited Rice Meal With rasam, sambar, curd, payasam and papad on a banana leaf.


♥  Austria

Capital: Vienna
Dialing code: +43
Currency: Euro
Population: 8.474 million (2013) World Bank
Official languages: German, Hungarian, Slovenian, Austrian German

One Dollar Buy: Kornspitz – A commercially popular bread roll in Austria.

What Can One Dollar Buy Around the World

♥  Los Angels, United States

Capital: Washington, D.C.
Dialing code: +1
President: Donald Trump
Population: 318.9 million (2014)
States: California, Florida, Hawaii, Texas, Massachusetts, more

One Dollar Buy: One hour street parking.


♥  Vietnam

Capital: Hanoi
Dialing code: +84
Currency: Vietnamese dong
President: Trần Đại Quang
Prime minister: Nguyễn Xuân Phúc

One Dollar Buy: Non-La (Hat) or a DVD/ 3 pairs of sandals/ 5 instant noodle packages.


♥  Nepal

Capital: Kathmandu
Dialing code: +977
Prime minister: Pushpa Kamal Dahal
Currency: Nepalese rupee
President: Bidhya Devi Bhandari

One Dollar Buy: Momo and a Coke – 10 pieces of dumplings and a 250 ml coke.


♥  Italy

Capital: Rome
Dialing code: +39
Currency: Euro
Prime minister: Matteo Renzi
Official language: Italian

One Dollar Buy: A Bottle of cheap Wine – or 1 kg spaghetti/ 6 bottle of mineral water and an ibuprofen tablet.


♥  Portugal

Capital: Lisbon
Dialing code: +351
Currency: Euro
Prime minister: António Costa
Official language: Portuguese

One Dollar Buy: Expresso Coffee


♥  Cebu, Philippines

Capital: Manila
Dialing code: +63
Currency: Philippine peso
President: Rodrigo Duterte
Official languages: English, Filipino

One Dollar Buy: 30 to 45 minutes of foot massage.


♥  Dubai, UAE

Capital: Abu Dhabi
Dialing code: +971
Currency: United Arab Emirates dirham
Population: 9.346 million (2013) World Bank
President: Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan

One Dollar Buy: Jabal Al Noor Shawarma


♥  Bogota, Colombia

Capital: Bogotá
Dialing code: +57
President: Juan Manuel Santos
Currency: Colombian peso
Official language: Spanish

One Dollar Buy: Coffee and 2 Biscuits – or an arepa (corn cakes) with spicy homemade aji salsa


♥  England

Capital: London
Dialing code: +44
Area: 130,395 km²
Currency: Pound sterling
Population: 53.01 million (2011)

One Dollar Buy: 1/2 Litre of Diesel or 2 sticks of cigarettes or 3/4 liter of milk or 2 days worth newspaper.


♥  Seoul, South Korea

Capital: Seoul
Dialing code: +82
President: Park Geun-Hye
Currency: South Korean won
Prime minister: Hwang Kyo-Ahn

One Dollar Buy: A metro card and a Mask.


♥  Budapest, Hungary

Capital: Budapest
Dialing code: +36
Currency: Hungarian forint
Prime minister: Viktor Orbán
Official language: Hungarian

One Dollar Buy: 4 Small Apples or 30 minutes downtown parking / a newspaper / a plain McDonald’s burger.


♥  Croatia

Capital: Zagreb
Dialing code: +385
President: Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović
Currency: Croatian kuna
Prime minister: Andrej Plenković

One Dollar Buy: A scoop of Ice cream


♥  Denmark

Capital: Copenhagen
Dialling code: +45
Currency: Danish krone
Population: 5.614 million (2013) World Bank
Official language: Danish

One Dollar Buy: 1 Litre of milk or a postcard addressed locally / a cucumber / a chocolate bar.


♥  Costa Rica

Capital: San José
Dialing code: +506
Currency: Costa Rican colón
Population: 4.872 million (2013) World Bank
Official language: Spanish

One Dollar Buy: A watermelon or a papaya or pineapple or a good cup of coffee.


♥  Canary Islands

Area: 7,493 km²
Population: 2.105 million (2014) Instituto Nacional de Estadística
Province: Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Capitals: Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Las Palmas

One Dollar Buy: A cup of coffee – If you are in Santa Cruz. But in the south, you only get half a cup.


♥  Paris, France

Capital: Paris
Dialing code: +33
President: François Hollande
Prime minister: Manuel Valls
Currencies: Euro, CFP franc

One Dollar Buy: About 40% of a Starbuck’s Espresso


♥  Faroe Islands

Capital: Tórshavn
Dialing code: +298
Population: 49,469 (2013) World Bank
Continent: Europe
Currencies: Faroese króna, Danish krone
Official languages: Faroese, Danish

One Dollar Buy: Chewing Gum or 2 apples at the supermarket/ some candy – hardly anything.


♥  Australia

Capital: Canberra
Dialing code: +61
Currency: Australian dollar
Population: 23.13 million (2013) World Bank
Prime minister: Malcolm Turnbull

One Dollar Buy: A Scratchy – A lottery ticket for a chance to win more dollars.

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