The Smallest Touchscreen Phone in the World

The Smallest Touchscreen Phone in the World

The Smallest Touchscreen Phone in the World

Sounds interesting nowadays people like me are interested to use big bada phones which useful for you tube and all works make comfortable here the smaller and smaller The Vphone S8 has a 1.54-inch display and one button. That button is a power button. It does come with three virtual buttons, too, but whatever. Google tells me the previous smallest touchscreen phone was this dual-SIM phone with a 2.45-inch display.The Smallest Touchscreen Phone in the World.

The Smallest Touchscreen Phone in the World

The features

The phone appears to have a speaker and microphone, but you could also use Bluetooth earbuds to make a call or plug some into the headphone jack. Yep, it has a headphone jack. The S8 also has:

  • A built-in FM radio
  • A heart rate sensor (the second generation heart rate,accurately monitor your heart rate)
  • A pedometer (health housekeeper,unique heart rate monitoring helper,all-round protection of your health,build it motionchip,record your consuption of each calorie)
  • A light sensor
  • 64MB of RAM
  • 128MB of storage
  • 380mAh battery
  • 2.5D redian glass ascreen a perfect virtual button experience.
  • Configuration parameters Dynamic colors
  • Bluetooth connectivity the companion of smartphone(powerful,low radiation green communication tool-with bluetooth connecting you can make or answer a call,yo can answer the smartphone call if you paired up with smartphone successfully best smart phone companion in your hand.
  • The purest way of talking (Restore the purest phone feature,the good companion of smartphone. Fulfil your calling requirement in the most classic way.

Supports Ios and Android smartphone,send SMS,Wechat,Whatsapp from smartphone remotely.

The Smallest Touchscreen Phone in the World

Some might of you read these stats and think they’re sad. I kind of agree, but I just really love how little this phone is, so it cancels out depressing spec reality. What’s definitely clear here is that Vphone S8 is just a smartwatch turned into a phone.

Samsung made its Gear S2 with LTE connectivity. Is that a phone or watch? Are smartwatches just phones, or are phones just smartwatches? The lines are so blurred, and I’m getting confused about language.

The S8 appears to only be available in China, so we, once again, will have to keep dreaming. I’m trying, everyone! I think if we dream hard enough we can force these cool phones to appear in front of us. Will it.

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