New Web Camera With Green Screen Technology

New Web Camera With Green Screen Technology

Logitech Brand new C922 Pro Stream webcam, streams videos HD with green screen technology which the company aims to cater for the needs of serious game streamers without breaking the bank.New Web Camera With Green Screen Technology.

Of course, If want to look the best when streaming to your Twitch or YouTube audience, and we don’t mean making sure you’ve done your hair right – rather, you want viewers watching slick and professional-looking footage.


New Web Camera With Green Screen Technology

And so the Logitech C922 ups the ante from Logitech’s previous webcam offering (the C920) by allowing for recording at 60 fps, albeit at 720p resolution meaning your audience is watching much smoother video of your good self.

You’ve also got the option of 1080p footage, but that’s limited to 30 fps. Note that the Razer Stargazer, which was revealed at the start of the year, is capable of 1080p footage at 60 fps (although to be fair, this costs twice as much as the Logitech camera – although Razer’s effort has other tricks up its sleeve like 3D scanning)

New Web Camera With Green Screen Technology

New Web Camera With Green Screen Technology

Logitech says it has partnered up with streaming software outfit XSplit to incorporate predefined settings for the webcam, and the C922 comes complete with a three-month XSplit Premium license.

It uses some tricks just transforming backing to gaming background which will helpful for you tubers.

This brand new package comes with tripod and a two-year warranty if you bag your C922 Pro Stream webcam on the Logitech site, where it’s available now priced $100 (around £75, AU$130).

Rounding out the features, the C922 also boasts sharp autofocus and automatic low light correction to compensate for the flashing lights of your computer screen.

For audio, the C922 packs two omnidirectional, noise-cancelling microphones.

As for that background replacement function, Logitech says the camera uses “intelligent shape recognition” to separate the subject from the background without the need for a green screen meaning you can place yourself in front of your game stream or at least just block out the view of your gaming den behind you.


Logitech says that it will be selling two different versions of the C922 Pro at the retail level. The C922 is available Best Buy locations and, and will include a tripod plus a three-month license for XSplit Premium. The C922x is only available from and ditches the tripod, but counters with a six-month XSplit Premium license.

The Logitech C922 Pro is available for purchase today and is priced at $99.99 for both SKUs.