Narendra Modi Black Money Hunt
Narendra Modi Black Money Hunt

Narendra Modi Black Money Hunt {*Please Educate People*}

Declaring war on black money, Modi, scrapping the notes 500 and 1000, said they could be returned to bank for exchange of new notes 500 and 2000 till December 30. Narendra Modi Black Money Hunt {*Please educate people*}

  • Narendra Modi’s historic step will open up new opportunities for poor, Neo middle class and middle class.
  • Real estate prices,Higher education,Health care to come within the reach of common citizens.
  • Funding for arms smuggling,espionage, terrorist to be chocked.
  • Circulation of large volume of counterfiet currency to the end.

Narendra Modi Black Money Hunt {*Please Educate People*}

Please educate people who doesn’t understand the changes !!

1. Rs. 500 and 1000 old existing notes are only scrapped but the value remains the same for it to be exchanged.
2. The notes have a “Legal Tender” given by Indian govt. for which says the value of money will be exchanged to new.
3. People who have cards to use do a cash less transaction where ever required.
4. People take only the required money cash from the ATM for next couple of weeks.
5. Petrol bunks, govt. hospitals will accept the existing notes for another 72 hours.
6. Possible, help people temporarily for the emergency cash issues Remember flood days.

Yes, people may always have an emergency but. Next generation will definitely benefit.

Accept the change, abide by the rules put by the Indian Government.

Understand this should definitely be the change for a better country to live in.

Narendra Modi Black Money Hunt – Tweets of Famous peoples

  • called upon all to avail of an opportunity provided by Govt to exchange currency notes of Rs 500/1000 for new legal tender.welcomed bold step of Government of India which will help unearth unaccounted money & counterfeit currency.
  •   All the best Indian Media.Try carrying news of America’s first female President tomorrow. We are the world! This is our time!
  •   Indeed a bold & brilliant move by our Prime Minister Mr Modi to not only curb corruption & black money but also terrorism