How Much Do You Know About Milk

How Much Do You Know About Milk?

Is drinking milk healthy for humans? answering these questions covers entire things about milk (Cow Milk).Many haters tells that drinking milk will harm your body.May cause obesity calcium deficiency, allergies, heart disease, cancer, and other health ailments. This article How Much Do You Know About Milk? clarifies your doubt and answer to all your questions related to Milk.

How Much Do You Know About Milk?

The freshest Beverage

  • Milk goes from to the dairy aisle in just two days, making it the freshest, most natural beverage.
  • Milk by the numbers..It makes Good Cents! Consider milk your refrigerator’s secret weapon,each serving is only 25 cents and provides an irreplaceable package of nutrients.
  • 3 Cups: The amount of milk & Milk products recommended daily for those over age 9 from the Dietry guidelines of the world.
  • Milk: The ultimate 100 Calorie *Snack pack*.
  • What would you have to eat to get the same amount of calcium as in one 8 ounce glass of milk?

                       ♥ 12 servings of whole Grains.

                       ♥ 10 cups of raw Spinach

                       ♥ 6 servings of Legumes

Decoding the Diary Aisle

Milk is one of the most highly regulated food in world. All types are eqaully wholesome and safe to drink,including organic and conventional versions.Below are the need to know facts and the color of packets available to denote the types.

  • Note- Some brands use the color code of milk fully in cover or mentioned in some parts.

♣ Whole Milk – Available in Red color package.Creamy! Whole milk contains 3.5% fat by weight,the same amount found when it leaves the cow.Vitamin D is added to most milk produced to ensure the absorption of calcium.

♣ 2% or 1% Milk – Available in Orange color Package (also known as reduced fat or low fat milk) Fat and calorie levels are the reduced in these versions,but they have the same complete nutrient package as whole milk.

♣ Fat-free Milk – Available in Blue color Package (also known as non-fat or skim milk) From slender cows,Kidding.Fat free milk has no more than 0.2% of milk fat.So it is the lowest in calories but again has just as many nutrients as whole milk.

♣ Organic Milk – Available in Light Green color Package From cows fed organicdiets.The nutrient content is the same as controventional milk and offers the same health benefits.It’s the process that makes this milk organic.Not the product.

♣ Lactose-Free Milk – Available in Light Yellow color Package.Lactose is the naturally occuring sugar in milk.Think you’re lactose intolerent! Try lactose free milk (real milk without the lactose).It tastes great and provides the same levels of calcium,potassium, vitmin D and more.

How Much Do You Know About Milk?

One cup of milk-whether whole, low-fat or fat free it provides you with

  1. Your Daily Value (DV) of calcium- 30%
  2. DV of Riboflavin – 26%
  3. DV of Vitamin D – 25%
  4. DV of Phosphorus – 25%
  5. DV of Vitamin B12 – 22%
  6. DV of Protein – 16%
  7. DV of Potassium – 11%
  8. DV of Vitamin A – 10%
  9. DV of Niacin – 10%

Glass for glass,the health benefits of milk products can’t be underestimated:Milk & Milk Products can build strong bone,lower blood pressure,reduce the risk of diabets and some cancers and help you maintain a healthy weight.

No single food offers the same great flavor, nutrition, versatility and health benefits of milk, “So raise a glass!”