How to Make a Stylish Video Using PRISMA

How to Make a Stylish Video Using PRISMA

How to Make a Stylish Video Using PRISMA

Prisma is a kind of photoshop app which makes a normal picture into Fantastic four movie Thing.Prisma, which was launched in June, shot its way to fame and top of the charts of the App store.How to Make a Stylish Video Using PRISMA.

Initially launched only for iOS, the app later launched an Android version which was downloaded almost 2 million times every day for the first week. In the first month after the launch, it had converted more than 65 million photos.

How to Make a Stylish Video Using PRISMA

But Remember Prisma, the photoshop app everyone went mad over a few months ago? The Prisma app makers have now rolled out for video support from the iOS app with the Android update in the works. So Now users can turn their 15-second videos into artistic clips.

Additionally, the update processes the whole video making done on the phone under a minute.

Prisma Earlier for photos, used to send the image to the server for the conversion into an artistic piece. That has caused a lot of server outages and made the users angry. And now you can apply effect even if you’re not connected to the Internet. The good news among these is There are nine effects available for videos as of now.

The Prisma company said at The Verge that it is working on the GIF support as well. It would be really cool to have effects over already popular GIFs.

The Prisma’s main competitor Artisto has gained popularity in US by breaking into top 10 into the App store and into top 50 into the Google Play store.

How to Make a Stylish Video Using PRISMA

There are a lot of filters in Prisma to choose from some are unique of Prisma, but others are unique to the app. Tap a button and your video is done, ready to share to Instagram and other social media.

Maybe the most amazing thing is how quickly everything is rendered. It only takes a few seconds and the video is finished, which is impressive for the amount of frames it has to process.

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