How to Make any Car into a smart car
How to Make any Car into a smart car {*Unleash Creativity*}

How to Make any Car into a smart car

The smarter automobiles get, the more expensive they become. And not everybody can afford to shell out thousands of dollars just to get a tech update in the car for unique appearance, Fuel Efficient, Sound System, Body panels.this article helps you in How to Make any Car into a smart car {*Unleash Creativity*}.

How to Make any Car into a smart car

How to Make Car look Awesome ?

Most of us car owners spend an awful lot of time in our vehicles the appearance is the primary factor of all because people fall in love with only looks and after the only performance,so make a unique painting of your car and color your car rims and stickering,some steps for making unique appearance of the car.

  1. Clean or wash your car regularly.
  2. keep your car’s carpet looking good,replace your car floor mats.
  3. Get New designed Windshield Wipers.
  4. Use good looking seat covers.
  5. Clean the insides and outsides of your windows to improve both your visibility and the appearance of your car.
  6. Repair Scratches and Dents.Be careful while driving.
  7. Upgrade car speakers.
  8. Repaint the exteriors and Rims
  9. Get new wheels.
  10. Finally use smart Gps traveling in a car.
  11. Change front and back lamps to neon bulbs.

How to make fuel Efficient Car?

  1. Use cruise control.
  2. Accelerate smoothly with moderate throttle.
  3. Avoid braking wherever possible.
  4. Avoid excessive idling.
  5. Find your car’s “sweet speed”.
  6. Make sure you enable overdrive if your car has an automatic transmission with overdrive, except when towing very heavy trailers.

Components for Fuel Efficient

  1. Mass air flow sensor- It measures air flow entering the engine and sends that information to the engine computer, which regulates fuel injection, the ignition system, and transmission shifting. When it gets dirty, the information it sends isn’t accurate, affecting fuel economy.
  2. Oxygen sensor– It monitors exhaust flow before and after the catalytic converter, sending the data to the engine computer, which adjusts the fuel injection level when it gets dirty fuel efficiency may drop.
  3. Spark plugs – Clean your Spark plugs regularly.
  4. Air filterUse a good air filter and periodical cleaning is must do to increase good mileage.
  5. Tires – tires naturally lose air, check pressure monthly to ensure optimum gas mileage and handling. It will       also help the tires last longer.

Hope this article on How to Make any Car into a smart car helps you something to make a smart car.