How to Make Battery Using Beer Drinks

How to Make Battery Using Beer Drinks

It sounds weird for drinkers beer lovers because many are struggling to get drinks,If we telling make a battery out of beer makes them angry.Cool buddies just to know and use in case of emergencies lets discuss on How to Make Battery Using Beer Drinks? Cheers.

How to Make Battery Using Beer Drinks

  • The next time you Drink Think some of your favorite drinks and what and all you can do with drinks,ie battery making, take a minute to think how that frothy adult beverage could be used to make batteries.
  • A research team in the University of Colorado-Boulder (UCB) has figured out Battery making process out of beer how to do just that, using the wastewater from beer brewing to form parts of lithium-ion battery electrodes.
  • By using Beer wastewater which is used for beer making, the research from University of Colorado-Boulder team came up with an efficient and natural process for producing the electrodes. Not only that, but the process also filters the wastewater, which brew masters have to pay to clean otherwise.

How to Make Battery Using Beer Drinks

From beer to fungus to battery | Via the journal of Applied Materials and Interfaces

The University of Colorado-Boulder UCB process essentially grows a fungus which called as Neurospora crassa, to be exact in the wastewater, which is called swimming with sugars. The fungus can then be used to conjure anodes, or the positive electrode on a lithium-ion battery.

This could become a commercially viable solution as the University of Colorado-Boulder researchers have already filed a patent and formed a company around their process, so that could one day be charging phones with batteries made thanks to our favorite brews especially beers.

It’s a bit of a stretch to say drinking more beer is good for science, But drinking Beer is good for heart. Enjoy your drink. But limit. Enjoy life.