How does Linkedin Work

How does LinkedIn Work ?

LinkedIn is a worldwide professional SNS. LinkedIn is one of the largest professional SNS started from the USA to connect and expand the professional network with a person’s career information, skills, and academic background, and now a lot of companies look for their potential employees through it.Let’s see in detail about How does LinkedIn Work.

Countries with LinkedIn members

* Note – More than 135 Million members in over 200 countries as of November 3, 2011.

  • Canada 4 million members
  • USA 57 million members
  • Brazil 4 million members
  • UK 6 million members
  • France 2 million members
  • Italy 2 million members
  • Netherlands 2 million members
  • Spain 1 million members
  • Belgium 1 million members
  • India 11 million members
  • Australia 2 million members
  • Japan 490 thousand members
  • Germany, Austria and Switzerland 2 million members

*Note – Professionals are signing up to join LinkedIn at a rate that is faster than two new members per second.

How does LinkedIn Work ?

What can you do with LinkedIn ?

  1. Establish your professional profile career info, position, experience, skills
  2. Check a person’s career you met
  3. Offering job, look for talents.
  4. Follow your interesting companies hiring info
  5. Explore opportunities
  6. See detail statistical information on the company’s business page.
  7. Stay in touch with colleagues and friends
  8. Show your careers on your profile
  9. Your profile is searched
  10. Get recommendations and make your profile more trustful
  11. Find experts and ideas and resolve a unique business challenge
  12. Ask professionals on a tool “answers”
  13. Follow fresh topics on the unique professional groups
  14. Find professional skill you need


How does LinkedIn Work?


  • Find interesting companies with advanced search.
  • Ask professionals what skills you will need in addition to “Answers”
  • Check information of the company’s recruiting timing or tendency on its profile pages.
  • Find connection reaches to the company’s person or its business partners
  • Email to the company and got a chance to have an interview.
  • Succeed o change your job and raise your salaries.


  • Set up your LinkedIn business account
  • Join industry groups
  • Invite prospect into your network
  • Encourage staff to join LinkedIn
  • Engage around key dates, events and profile changes
  • Get the opportunity to have new ideas development through your staff’s internal connection.
  • Get new talented staff
  • Get the opportunities through your staff’s external connection.


Reviews of LinkedIn

David Stevens – Event Manager Executive at streamline events


  • Jobseeker lands two jobs in a row via LinkedIn status updates


  • Emeryville, California, USA

Used LinkedIn to

  • Quickly found work after a layoff, and changed jobs a few years later.


  • Frequency network events for their sales job, they followed up via LinkedIn with the people they “connected” with at the events.
  • Laid off in 2008, they were back to work with a week after updating their LinkedIn status to “I”m up for grabs, who wants me?”
  • Ready for a new opportunity in 2011 they tapped into their professional network, reconnecting with industry peers, landing an interview & accepting the new job within two weeks.


Kevin L. Nichols – President and CEO of KLN Publishing LLC


  • Sales Executive Launches Consulting Venture Based on his LinkedIn Connections.


  • San Francisco, California, USA

Used LinkedIn To

  • Gets introduced to & creates direct leads for his litigation, diversity & professional/business development consultative practice via LinkedIn Groups and LikedIn Events.


  • Creates warm leads through various LinkedIn Groups
  • Introduces target market to his services by organizing professional mixers via LinkedIn Events
  • Users LinkedIn status Updates to draw traffic to his website, allowing potential clients to find him on the internet


Interesting Facts


  • LinkedIn members are sharing insights and knowledge in more than one million LinkedIn Groups.
  • 75 of the Fortune 100 companies use LinkedIn as its corporate hiring solutions.
  • More than 22 million Americans used social networks to find their most recent job opportunity. One in six workers successfully used social networks to get hired.
  • On company pages, you can see the annual growth rate, distribution ratio, and even how the employees change their jobs.
  • Customer Acquisition Via LinkedIn, B2B business experienced a 61% Success rate.
  • College Graduates Finding Work, 71% of graduates have found work and 98% of graduates have had 1-2 interviews.