What is Linked in? The Value of Being Linkedin

What is Linked in? The Value of Being Linkedin

Looking for the What is Linked in? The Value of Being Linkedin.You landed the perfect page with 99% accurate answers providers.In this article, you know the details about what is LinkedIn and its purpose uses with unknown facts like with founders and their shares, what people searching on Linkedin and how they earning income.The ratio of Linkedin users and their age, Revenue, and their profits.

What is Linked in? The Value of Being Linkedin

What is Linked in?

Linkedin is one of the fastest growing social networking sites in the world.While its numbers pale in comparison to competitors such as facebook and twitter, catering to business professionals gives the site a unique advantage.

Seeking to capitalize on its growing notoriety, owners recently decided to take the company public, filing for an initial public offering last month. But how do you put a price on being Linkedin? Before you can run out to buy yourself a thousand shares, take a look at our breakdown of the social networking powerhouse.

What is Linked in? The Value of Being Linkedin

♥  Since its launch in 2003,Linkedin has grown to an estimated 100 million members worldwide.

♥  That’s more popular than 5 times the population of the state of New York! The population is 19,421,055.

♥  The 2 billion number of people searches about Chief Financial Office, Senior Manager, Vice Director of Operations, Vice President of Marketing on Linkedin in 2010.

♥  If Linkedin was its own country,it would be the 12th largest country in the world, by population.

♥  Linkedin’s 100 Million Members reside in over 200 countries. Over half of these members live outside of the U.S.

♥  1 Million Plus (1m+) People in countries – France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Australia and Brazil.

♥  2 Million Plus (2m+) People in The Netherlands using Linkedin.

♥  3 Million Plus (3m+) People in Canada using Linkedin.

♥  5 Million Plus (5m+) People in The United Kingdom using Linkedin.

♥  8 Million Plus (8m+) People in India using Linkedin.

♥  45 Million Plus (45m+) People in The United States of America using Linkedin.

♥  0494 days took for Linkedin to reach its first million users.

♥  0012 days it currently takes Linkedin to gain a Million new users.

♥  The new user’s list – 1 user joins Linkedin at every second, 58 users join per minute and 3,472 users every hour and about 83,333 users every day and finally 1 million users every 12 days.

♥  In 2010, executives from every fortune 500 company could be found on Linkedin.

♥  1% of users are responsible for 34% of Linkedin’s traffic.

♥  69% of all users make at least $60k and 39 % make over $100K.

♥  68% of users are over the age of 35.

♥  74% of all users have a college degree or better, with 26% having a graduate degree.

♥  76% of Linkedin have no kids (between the ages of 0 and 17)

Who owns Linkedin?

  • Co-Founder/Angel Investor Reid Hoffman (22%)
  • Sequoia Capital (19%)
  • Greylock Partners (16%)
  • Bressemer Venture Partners (5%)
  • Current CEO,Jeffrey Weiner (4%)
  • Other = (34%)

Linkedin is the Facebook of Business,So How’s Business?

  • Linkedin over 1000 number of employees worldwide.
  • Facebook over 2000 number of employees worldwide.

What brings home the Bacon?

Hiring Solutions – Which includes its recruiting services,job posting services, and several descriptions services – represented 41% of Linkedin’s total revenue.

Revenue $$$$$

Linkedin – $243 Million Revenue and $15.4 Million Profits.

Facebook – $2 Billion Revenue and $600 Million Profits.

Linkedin’s Outlook

  • Linkedin planning to go public in 2011.
  • IPO expects to raise $200M.Linkedin will be worth $2B.
  • Cash-flow positive: Linkedin still hasn’t touched money it raised in 2008
  • Latest networking site to be banned in china.
  • Linkedin today:now has built-in news aggregator.