How to say I Love You in Different Languages

How to say I Love You in Different Languages

The world we live in is crafted with love, everyone experiences love throughout in life starting from mom to unknown. Languages separate love, No express your love in 48 languages and surprise your loved ones and make them special.How to say I Love You in Different Languages.

Saying “I love you” is a hard thing to do. You might be worried if you are really expressing your truly feelings or if you are being pressured into it. Everyone has their own time when they think that it is appropriate to say I love you. There is no right or wrong time.

However, it is hurtful when an individual makes himself vulnerable and says, I love you, and his words are not returned. Sometimes it may be a simple act of courtesy to return the sentiment. On the other hand you may be setting him up for false expectations about the potential for a relationship.

How to say I Love You in Different Languages


I love You : It is pronounced as i-luv-yoo



je t’aime : In french it is pronounced as je-term



Te amo : In spanish the word is pronounced as tay-amo


 Irish (Gaelic)

Graim thu : Spelled as gr-ow-am-hoo


 Scottish (Gaelic)

The gaol agam ort : Spelled as a-gare-lakam-orst



 Rwy’n dy garu di : Pronounced as roo-en-de-gary-dee



Eu te amo : Pronounced as ay-oo-te-amo



Ik hou van jou : Pronounced as ik-how-von-yoo



  Ich Liebe dich : Pronounced as isch-leeba-disch



Ti amo : Pronounced as tee-amo



  Inhobbok : Pronounced as yin-in-ho-bak



Miluji te : Pronounced as me-loo-see-chay



 Ljubim te : Pronounced as yoo-bim-te



Lubim ta : Pronounced as yoo-bim-ta



Volim te : Pronounced as vow-leem-tay



Szeretlek : Pronounced as se-ret-lek



Te iubesc : Pronounced as tay-yoo-bay-sk



Obicam te : Pronounced as oh-be-chem-tay



Volim te : Pronounced as volim-te



te dua : Pronounced as te-do-a



S’agapo : Pronounced as say-aga-po



 Seni seviyorum : Pronounced as say-nyee-say-vee-yor-um



Ma armastan sind : Pronounced as ma-arma-stan-sind



Ja iabe kakhaju : Pronounced as ya-sta-bia-ka-hi-yoo



va tebe kohayu : Pronounced as ye-te-bay-koha-yoo



Kocham Cie : Pronounced as kok-em-chay-oh



As tave myliu : Pronounced as as-tay-vee-me-loo



Es tevi milu : Pronounced as es-tay-vee-me-loo



Jeg elsker deg : Pronounced as ye-elsker-dye



Jeg elsker dig : Pronounced as yi-ols-ker-dye



 Jag alskar dig : Pronounced as ya-elsker-day



  Mina rakastan sinua : Pronounced as yeg-ee-elska-pig



Eg elska pig : Pronounced as me-neh-raka-stan-see-noo-wa



Mikvarhar : Pronounced as meek-var-har



Nagligivagit : Pronounced as na-glee-giv-a-git



Ya tebya liubliu : Pronounced as ya-teb-ya-loo-bloo



Wo ai ni : Pronounced as wo-i-nee



 Aishiteru : Pronounced as ay-she-tay-ee-roo



Phom rak khun : Pronounced as pom-lak-koon



saya cinta kamu : Pronounced as saya-shinta-ka-moo



  Sarang hae : Pronounced as  sa-rang-hey



Anh yeu em : Pronounced as ah-noo-em



Ami tomake bhalpbashi : Pronounced as amee-tomah-kay-balo-ba-she



Main tumse puar karta/I hoon : Pronounced as me-an-say-pe-ar-kara/i-hoon



Ani ohev otach : Pronounced as ani-oh-hev-oh-tak



 Duset daram : Pronounced as doo-stat-der-am


  Brazillian (Portuguese)

Amo te : Pronounced as amo-tay



Ek het jou lief : Pronounced as ek-ey-jo-lif



Aloha wau ia ‘oe : Pronounced as alo-ha-vow-ee-ah-ah-oh-way


 Sign Language of expressing I love you

sign language of i love you

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