How to Create a Smart and Strong Password

How to Create a Smart and Strong Password

Creating a new password is often one of the first recommendations of online,when you hear trouble occurs. Even a great password can’t keep you from being scammed, but setting one that’s memorable for you and that’s hard for others to guess is a smart security practice since weak passwords can be easily guessed. Below are a few common problems we’ve seen in the past and suggestions for making your passwords stronger.How to Create a Smart and Strong Password *UnHackable !!!

How to Create a Smart and Strong Password

Here is a DO list for UnHackable Accounts:

  • Use unique passwords

People nowadays tends to use their password associated with their life like birthdate, phone numbers, pet name. Such kind of passwords can be easily taken down by hot and trial method.If you are one of them, try to get a new password as soon as possible.

  • Complex password

The smart and strong password should contain lower character, upper case, letters, numbers, special symbol. If you feel your password is too secure , you should cross check using online brute force calculator.

  • Change Passwords regularly

No matter how your password strength it is necessary to change at least once in a month,and thus gives tough job to the hackers.So to keep your accounts safe by changing your passwords regularly.

  • Password Recovery

The password recovery is important thing of all,my advice would be recover passwords by SMS through your phone.This is safe and make sure your Phone uses passwords security,Ha ha haaa.

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How to Create a Smart and Strong Password

Here is a DON’T list for UnHackable Accounts:

  • Using Same passwords for many ID’s

Simple thing if to find all your different Id’s,If using same password used,All your accounts are hacked.Anything might happen at any second so stay awake,Beware!!!

  • Using Dictionary password

Most common password used by most of all people is using dictionary words and the problem with dictionary words are that they can easily be taken by a brute force attack. A brute force attack will keep trying different combination of words to crack your password.

Thumb rule : Avoid using Common dictionary password.

  • Why Shouldn’t Use Personal related passwords

Because people are public in social media posting birth date,pet name and girlfriend name etc,..If your passwords were any of this kinds,Hackers are having very easy jobs”A piece of cake” to hack your accounts.So Choose a combination of letters, numbers, or symbols to create a unique password that’s unrelated to your personal information.

  • Keep Smart Password Safe

Creating passwords is easy but it’s tough to maintain and hard to remember as smart passwords would be like this (tyfhguDDuiio%*^&$).Store or save it in a pace where it is not seen in public and unable to find the place.create a unique name for the file so people don’t know what’s inside. Avoid naming the file “my passwords” or something else obvious.

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