What Your Handwriting Says About You
What Your Handwriting Says About You

What Your Handwriting Says About You {*Interesting*} FutureStuffs

Graphology is the study of handwriting,especially when employed as a means of analyzing a writer character, personality, and abilities.In the medical field, it can be used to refer to the study of handwriting as an aid in diagnosis and tracking of diseases.Here this article deals with What Your Handwriting Says About You {*Interesting*} http://FutureStuffs.com

What Your Handwriting Says About You {*Interesting*} FutureStuffs.com

How you write can indicate more than 5,000 different personality traits.


Size of Letters and Words


Large Letters – The one’s who writing in large letters Tend to people oriented, You want to feel understood and noticed.

Small Letters – The people who write in small letters Have strong focus and concentration.You are introverted.


Slant Letters

People used to write in different slanting for example Right slant, No slant, and Left slant letters.


Right Slant – If your handwriting is right slant then You are heart-centered,friendly,sentimental and impulsive.You highly value friends and family.

No Slant – People with no slant writing are Ruled by logic,not emotion.They are very solid and pragmatic.

Left Slant – These handwriting people Prefer to work with things over people and introspective and reserved.And these people are more “ME-Oriented.”



Pressure is nothing but how you giving pressure while writing.The two types of pressure in writing Heavy and Light.


Heavy Pressure – You have strong emotions and feel things very intensely.You can be quick to react.

Light Pressure – One who writes without much pressure on paper Move easily from place to place and don’t wear you about emotionally.


Upper Zone

The four kinds of personality can be derived from the looped and retracted writing of Upper zone letters.


Looped L – You have big hopes and dreams for the future.

Retraced L – You may have had your hopes and dreams squelched.

Looped T – You are sensitive to criticism and might be paranoid.

Retraced T – You are a good worker,disciplined, and self-controlled.

*Note – In some company’s interview one of the main reason for written test is to judge your personality about you.So good handwriting plays a vital role.


Lower Zone

The lower zone contains four personalities called Slender ,Broad, Long and Short. The personality behind this style of writing is…


Slender y – You are selective in who you call a good friend.

Broad yYou people have a large circle of friends.

Long y – You love to travel.

Short yYou’re a homebody.


Connection of Letters

The connection of letters is denoted as writing in running handwriting or writing in unattached letters.


Connected – The people who all are writing in connected letters are  Logical, methodical , and make decisions carefully.

Not Connected – The people Writing not connected letters are Intelligent and Intuitive.


Dotted i‘s

The styles of i used in your handwriting have some value on personalities.


The people who use the first type ‘i’ are Childlike and playful.And also artistic and like to stand out.

The person who uses the second type of ‘i’ are Pay great attention to detail and don’t like clutter.


Crossed t’s


Persons using the first style ‘t’ have high goals and self-esteem.

Persons using the second style ‘t’ have low aim and strong insecurities.


Line Spacing

Line spacing is very important i every aspect as it useful in exams for clear understanding and in interviews because it denotes important factor about your personality.


Little Spacing – Writing with little spacing denotes Poor time management.

Even Spacing – Writing with even spacing denotes Person Aware of boundaries.


Hope you like this article,read this article and change your writing style to impress others.By practice everything is possible.What Your Handwriting Says About You {*Interesting*} FutureStuffs Do share and likes to reach more.