How Do Hackers Hack The Password

How Do Hackers Hack The Password

As we stepping into 2017 7 out of 10 people are in online ie, online shopping,Bank transaction,Payment,Social media and Email and many things going on,still there is not much security possibility for hackers to hack anything in online,Many would have been victims, even my Facebook account was hacked once. For this question How Do Hackers Hack The Password.

There are lot of software’s, professional methods and unprofessional methods By knowing how hackers can get into your account, you will be in better situation to understand what are the possible ways you can lose your account information and passwords & you can protect yourself from getting hacked next time.

How Do Hackers Hack The Password

There are several techniques which hackers uses to hack passwords. One of them is phishing pages, where a hacker will send a login page of Gmail or Facebook and it will look exactly the same as real Facebook login page. Most of the time they use Social engineering skills like, they will send message saying

“This person has posted your bad picture on Facebook, click here to check your photo”, and once you click on the link, you will be taken to login page, as soon as you enter your password, it will be sent to hacker, and your page will reload to take you to the real page.

Here are some methods used by hackers to hack anyone password or Email access.

  • Keyloggers
  • RAT
  • Trojan Horses

How Do Hackers Hack The Password

# Keyloggers

Keylogger situates in your system memory and runs at every system startup. These keyloggers log all the keystrokes you type. A log is created and then it is sent to the Hacker.

Most famous keylogger is the Ardamax Keylogger. It can be customized so that it cannot be shown in “Processes” (Windows Task Manager).


RAT stands for Remote Administration Tool. With RAT, one hacker can connect to your PC, without your presence or knowledge. He can able to see what is happening on the screen, which sites you surf. It also has the built-in functionality of keylogger.

# Trojan Horses

Trojans spread through warez sites mostly. All of want free softwares. Right? Beware! While download from warez sites, all the keygens and patches and even the original trial programs are trojaned. That means the software getting for free and letting the computer affected with a trojan horse.

While running the patch/keygen,the desired output, but in background, your system gets infected with the trojan. Turkojan is a famous Trojan horse. A trojan is much more superior to keyloggers and RATs. It provides much more functions, so that a Hacker has more access to your PC.

Protect yourself and system from hacking some tips:

  1. Turn on Windows Firewall
  2. Use Anti-Virus software
  3. Never trust warez sites
  4. Don’t run .exe programs
  5. Don’t run attachments from emails
  6. Be sure no Antivirus removes Trojan,So do format your PC.
  7. Password should contains special character, numbers, alphabets, it ll increase the strengh of password

Hope this article helps you How Do Hackers Hack The Password and providing some of Anti hacking tips.

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