Google Android New Update Safe and Secure as iOS

Google Android New Update Safe and Secure as iOS

Google Android New Update Safe and Secure as iOS

Recently researchers found a gaping vulnerability in a component of the Android, called Stagefright, which allows a hacker to take complete control of an Android phone or tablet. The bug threatens nearly a billion devices and has prompted Googland hardware makers such as Samsung and LG to rethink how they provide software updates to Android devices.GooglAndroid New Update Safe and Secure as iOS.

Apple OS maintains tight control over the entire ecosystem, from the hardware and OS to screening the apps and accessories,” James Maude, senior security engineer at security firm Avecto.

GooglAndroid New Update Safe and Secure as iOS

Although Android security has improved greatly in recent years, adopting SELinux and implementing access control policies to ensure a secure least privilege environment, the open nature of the ecosystem means that threats will always be more prevalent on Android devices.

Android also has vetting processes in place for the Play Store; Google has tightened up security over the years, but malware still manages to get in occasionally.

“An attractive feature of Android is its openness. Besides being open so users can install an app outside of the Play Store, there are many forked versions of Android. Many of those forked versions don’t come with Google Play Services, so data isn’t collected and tools like Verify Apps aren’t available. Also, these forked versions often are not updated and could have malware preloaded.”

But with each new version of Android, more management features arrive, and some device vendors are even taking it upon themselves to make Android or at least certain Android devices more secure and manageable. Before you count Android out, consider whether the new and growing management tools can potentially outweigh the risks and headaches.

GooglAndroid New Update Safe and Secure as iOS

Android and iOS are very different in terms of functioning and features, both. And that is probably why both have their staunch followers. iOS users love the safety and security their operating system provides

According to Adrian Ludwig, Director, Android Security at Google, the idea does not hold any merit today as Android is just as secure as Apple’s iOS. In fact, he is so sure of its success that he claims it will outdo iOS and will soon be the better of the two! Tall claims or does he have some substance to them? According to him, it is the open source form which Android has and which has exactly been the reason people have questioned its security in the past that will help to make it more secure in the future.

Ludwig claims that Android has an inbuilt security system called “Safety Net” which is operational on every Android device and each day, the system scans each Android smartphone/tablet (over 400 million devices) and over 600 billion apps to ensure they meet with Google’s security standard.

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