The Cream Makes A Skin Wrinkle Free Looks Younger

The Cream Makes A Skin Wrinkle Free Looks Younger

Engineers have developed a material that can protect and tighten skin, smooth wrinkles, and potentially be used to deliver drugs to treat skin conditions.The Cream Makes A Skin Wrinkle Free Looks Younger.

The silicone-based polymer acts as a “second skin” to tighten and hydrate the skin. Researchers said the material could potentially be used to treat skin conditions with further development.

The Cream Makes A Skin Wrinkle Free Looks Younger

Researchers at MIT and Harvard developed the underlying science for the material, and a private biotechnology company called Living Proof manufactured the film itself.

The so-called XPL (short for cross-linked polymer layer) is applied in a simple two-step process that creates rather miraculous results.

The first layer is made up of polysiloxane components, while the second is a platinum catalyst that causes those polymers in the first to connect and form a strong film that can withstand washing and other wear and tear, for up to 24 hours.

The Cream Makes A Skin Wrinkle Free Looks Younger

The Cream Makes A Skin Wrinkle Free Looks Younger

MIT’s cream sounds like the sort of thing that will have Hollywood beating down the doors at the university’s science lab, but there is a limit to its abilities.

The catch is that it’s only temporary. You could use it to appear flawless on the red carpet during Oscars night, but it’s not going to smooth your crow’s feet for all eternity.

Reducing wrinkles is just one possible use for the cream. It could eventually be used as a moisturizer, to provide ultraviolet protection or to treat medical conditions like dermatitis.

Invisible L

It’s an invisible layer that can provide a barrier, provide cosmetic improvement, and potentially deliver a drug locally to the area that’s being treated. Those three things together could really make it ideal for use in humans.”

The cream is also said to reduce moisture loss, apart from restoring portions of loose and sagging skin.

So apart from tightening and smoothening your skin, the invisible cream will also be able to serve as a barrier for any kind of wear and tear and retain moisture while at it.

Living Proof created a new company called Olivo Laboratories for the development of XPL technology that plans to further refine and test the cream. Eventually, the startup plans to bring it to market.