Career Planning What Should I do for a Career Education Planner
Career Planning What Should I do for a Career Education Planner

Everyone has their own ideas about Career Planning | What Should I do for a Career | Education Planner, but you might face issues in choosing the right path. So follow the steps below to make

What Should I do for a Career?

Career Planning

Step 1:


The most important aspect in creating a career plan is a self-evaluation because to select a career you must know yourselves. Keep asking questions until you get an answer.

First, come to know the thing which makes you happy, then list down your priorities. If you do so you will not miss out the important task.

Take a deep breath and think about your strength and weakness, be true yourself during the analysis, while doing so find the ways to reduce your weakness and enlighten your positive attitude.

Finally, decide the five things that you want from the job. Every morning when you wake up, your mind and soul should dance to do your job.

Take time to complete this stage to find the better results, because to reach greater heights in life you must know yourselves.

Step 2:

Skills Analysis

Now, after completing self-analysis it will be easy for you to do the skill analysis. Ask yourself, what work you are best suited? Have a glance with your educational qualification and your experience.

If you are a fresher, choose the career that matches your qualification. If you are an experienced person, go with your experience, as the saying goes “Experience is the mother of success”.

Also, you have to think out of a box to shine in your career, think about your key skills and strengths. Think about your biggest achievement up to date, that will boost your confidence.

Analyze your area of development; always focus on the bigger picture. Develop your leadership skills, because to achieve something great in life, you must possess this skill.

Be a self-motivator, because you cannot always expect someone to encourage your progress in the career plan.

Step 3:

Set your Direction

After doing all the analysis, now it is time to set your path. It is like you have selected your destination and now you have to choose your path to reach the destination.

Think about what industries or roles you can see yourself in.  Some of have your dream companies or dream job, so have to set direction to get into your dream roles.

Only you know which role will suit you best, always go for it. Simultaneously develop the key skills required for the role you select. Technology is growing faster every day; you have to possess some extraordinary skill to shine in the field you choose.

Remember never stop learning because life never stops your teaching.

Step 4:

Commit to a time frame

Once your plan is ready, get ready to execute the same by preparing a time frame or timetable. Make milestones for the six, twelve and eighteen months, in other words, pen down your short term and long term goals.

Then write down the ways to achieve your educational goals and other key skill training. Take a list of institutions that provide the course for your career, analyze it and choose the best one that gives more scope to get into your career path.

Think ways to get training on the additional skill you require, also think the ways to gain experience in the required field. Fix a time period to achieve your goal, set the possible ways to expand your network.

Step 5:

Review your career plan

Now you have planned everything to achieve your goals, monitor them every six months and check the progress. If you find any deviation in the progress, make sure you get back to the track. During the progress, if you have any change to increase the productivity, do embrace it.

Don’t keep explaining your plan to everyone, just show them the results. “Sometimes life is risking for the dream that nobody else can see, but only you”. Let them criticize; don’t put yourself down, for those comments. If it takes the time to achieve your goal, don’t feel sad or down, remember great things always takes time. Keep reading inspirational stories during your progress.

In process of achieving your goals never forget your friends and family make time for them as well. Take time to laugh and breath, this is also a part in career planning; never give your ears to negative people.

Embrace the changes! Keep Moving! All the Best for your bright career!