Big Data Analytics in Stock Market Make you Rich

Ever wondered how the stock market giants earning in millions,Stock market is a place for experience or just luck?Many arises questions this article covers Big Data Analytics in Stock Market Make you part is that you don’t need long years in the trade or an Intelligence Quotient of more than 9.

Today, modern technology such as Big Data and Analytics can aid financial institutions as well as individuals make sound investment decisions, which yield consistent returns, by giving them insight into the data.

Big Data Analytics in Stock Market Make you Rich

Big Data and Cloud Analytics

Increasingly greater number of people are investing in bonds and mutual funds to save taxes. At times, the financial well-being of families depends on good returns from investments.

To get good returns, the investor needs to have some knowledge about the functioning principles of the stock market to be able to make good decisions. Though individual investors often don’t have the financial heft of big institutions to hire data scientists. In such a situation, these technologies become indispensable as they don’t break the bank.

Big Data Analytics in Stock Market Make you Rich

How does it work?

The computers are to handle data, an automated computer programs perform stock trading at the best possible prices at speeds that a human broker cannot. This is achieved by feeding Big Data from various sources into algorithms and statistical models, which analyze it. Enormous amounts of historical data are fed into complex mathematical models.

While predictive Analytics is beyond the reach of small investors, there are reasonably priced applications that abstract intricate data through mathematical tools. Some applications have the ability to perform high-speed Analytics on historical and real-time stock data to provide in-depth understanding of how a particular stock is behaving.

Then this information is co-related with sentiment analysis from social media inputs so that a 360-degree analysis can be achieved on stocks.

“New technology such as Big Data Analytics are gaining traction in the market. The process has definitely started but there is a long way to go. There is still lack of awareness about such technology in India, whereas in the Western world, it is used quite frequently.

It would suggest investors to start relying on such fool-proof methods. There is a need for raising awareness, standardization of tools and setting up of cross-functional Big Data Analytics teams to push growth in this direction,” said Somesh Misra, VP, Operations, Deskera, a software company producing Analytics tools.