Best Times to Post on Social Media

The Science of Posting on Social Media is revealed in this article and know Best Times to Post on Social Media with social media strategy.

Best Times to Post on Social Media

Knowing when your audience is active on social media can give you a serious advantage when it comes to gaining the maximum exposure for your updates. However updating your social profiles too frequently or not often enough can mean your messages may never be seen by your followers.

After analyzing case studies carried out by a variety of different social media experts over the past 5 years we compiled this guide to help you in getting the most bang from every tweet, blog post, video, pin or status update.

Best Times to Post on Social Media


A social media case study found tweeting more than 3 times per day reduced the number of engagements per tweet. However, as wise metrics found the half-life of a tweet is around 24 minute. So it is necessary to tweet the same message over different times and days.

3 Twitter Posts per Day

Best Time: Monday – Thursday (1PM -3PM)

Peak Time: Monday – Thursday (9AM – 3PM)

Worst Time: Every day after 8PM, Friday after 3PM.


Google Plus (g+)

According to Google+ expert Mark Trap Hagen, a consistent posting schedule should be maintained in order to achieve good engagement on the social network. Posting multiple times per day ensures you reach most of your audience.

3 Google+ Post per Day

Best Time: Monday – Thursday (9AM – 10AM)

Peak Time: Wednesdays (9AM)

Worst Time: Early mornings and Evenings.



Researchers found that posting once per week on facebook was too low and you would lose connection with your audience and post more than twice per day was crossing the line info annoying.

2 Facebook Posts per Day

Best Time: 1PM -4PM

Peak Time: Wednesdays 3PM

Worst Time: Weekends before 8AM and after 8PM.



The Pinterest expert research analyzed the pinning frequency of a number of large retails brands. They found that posting around three to ten times per day on Pinterest correlated with a significant increase in traffic growth for the brand.

5 Pinterest Pins per Day

Best Time: Saturday Mornings

Peak Time: Fridays (1PM – 4PM)

Worst Time: During normal working hours.



The analysis made from spent time in monitoring over 50 of the most popular Instagram brands to learn the best practices for timing & frequency. Found that most brands share about 1-2 times per day, however, some brands shared up to 10 times per day with no negative impact on engagement.

2 Instagram Posts per Day

Best Time: Wednesdays (2PM -5PM)

Peak Time: Monday – Thursdays

Worst Time: 9AM & 6PM.



According to the Linkedin small business sharing updates 20 times per month (every weekday) gives you the opportunity to reach 60% of your audience.

1 LinkedIn Post per Day

Best Time: Tuesdays – Thursdays

Peak Time: Noon 5PM – 6PM

Worst Time: Mondays & Fridays (10AM – 6PM)


Blog Posts

A case study of 1000 businesses by software provider Hubspot found that companies from 3-5 X/month to 6-8X/month almost double their leads.

2 Blog Posts per Week

Best Time: Tuesdays – Wednesday (9AM – 11AM)

Peak Time: Tuesdays & Wednesdays

Worst Time: Mondays & Fridays (10AM & 6PM).



A case study of some brands on Tumblr found that some posted as much as 10 to 15 times per day. Although most hovered in the one to five range. followers were also loss likely to complain about a higher posting schedule than on Facebook.

5 Tumblr Posts per Day

Best Time: Friday Evenings 7PM

Peak Time: Sundays – Tuesdays (7PM – 10PM)

Worst Time: Before 4PM.


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